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When a disaster strikes, it is important that you act immediately to minimize the damage that water can do. Call our 24/7 Emergency Service Center immediately at 604-971-5658 and we can assist you, over the phone, until our emergency team can be deployed to your location. Upon arrival, our emergency squad will ensure that the damage is contained and mitigated. Our staff will work with your insurance company directly, and will work on your behalf to ensure the best path is taken to protect you and your property.

The longer you delay damage prevention, the greater the risk of secondary damages, permanent property destruction, and the potential for microbial and mould growth. This could incur additional costs that may not be covered under your insurance claim.

What To Do If Your Property Is Flooded

If your basement or property does become flooded, we recommend the following steps be taken immediately:
1) Call Restoration Vancouver at (604) 971-5658

The first step is to call our emergency call center immediately so that we can dispatch our emergency team to your property. Our experienced technicians can identify potential health and safety threats, and first reduce these risks as their number one priority.

Our team will mitigate the damage and work with your insurance company to ensure your property is restored to its original state.

If you have your insurance policy information handy, have it available for quick reference.



2) Call BC Hydro to Cut Off the House Power

Do not enter the basement until you have had the power cut off by BC Hydro, as you run the grave risk of electrocution. Vancouver city staff will not enter your property unless the power has been cut off from the outside

It is highly recommended that you read the PDF created by BC Hydro on how to handle a home or business flood disaster ->

BC Hydro Steps to Handle a Home or Business Flood

To contact BC Hydro please visit their main website ->

3) Allow Restoration Vancouver to Assign a Project Manager to the Restoration

Once the damage has been contained, we will assign you a project manager as your main point of contact. Communicate with your project manager any fears, desires or questions you may have in regards to the restoration process as this could change the direction of the restoration plan. As directed and approved by your adjuster, the claim budget will be limited to restoring the property back to its original condition. Many clients take this opportunity to complete home improvements and renovation upgrades. Please discuss these with your project manager before the restoration process begins.


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